Services and Bookings


Each session is for one hour unless you request an hour and a half.  Clients who have not been to see me previously should try and attend their appointment approximately 15 minutes prior to the appointed time as there is a short questionnaire to complete.  If you have a diagnosed medical condition and you are coming to see me in relation to that condition it is helpful if you bring with you any reports or other written material which relates to your condition together with any medications you have been prescribed.  Please also bring any scans, x-rays or ultra-sound images which relate to your condition.


$125.00 per one hour session

Booking Times

Session times are as follows:

Carlton, Melbourne – Kinesiology Consulting Times

Tuesdays:  11 am to 7 pm

Wednesdays: 9 am to 6 pm

Contact: 0421 872 455

Taggerty – Kinesiology Consulting Times

Monday:  9 am to 7 pm

Thursday: 9 am to 7 pm

Other times by arrangement

Contact: 0421 872 455

Payment Methods

Your consultation can be paid via one of the following methods;




Credit Card – Visa & Mastercard
Debit Card

What will happen at my first session?

Your first session will take about an hour and 15 minutes. I will take a history from you relating to your past and presenting health issues. Because kinesiology is a holistic modality there will be in most cases some discussion about your life circumstances – work, family, relationships, lifestyle and diet as these all impact on your overall stress levels which impact your health. If relevant it is important that you bring with you any medical tests results, x-ray and scan reports that you have relating to your condition.

We will spend about 55 minutes in the kinesiology session. The session begins with muscle testing to assess the state of your energy system and to get a picture of where stress is held in the body and why. For example, organs and glands can be stressed because of a deficiency or excess of minerals or through the presence of toxic substances. There is likely to be some testing of nutrients or other substances to help support your body systems. Our emotional and mental state can also impact on the physical function of the body so we will be looking at what stresses are happening in your life and releasing their accumulation in the body. Awareness of our emotional and mental patterns is helpful in enabling us to cope with life’s challenges and a large part of kinesiology is about making us aware of how we meet life’s challenges and how we might change ourselves so as to avoid or recognise our stress triggers.

You may leave with some recommendations about foods to include in your diet or supplements that might be helpful to bring balance or to help better cope with stress. There may also be recommendations about exercise.