The basis of kinesiology is the connection between the muscles and the energy meridians. Low energy in a meridian will be reflected in less strength in the muscles associated with that meridian. High energy in a meridian leads to over facilitation of muscles associated with that meridian.  The combination of low and high energy states leads to muscular imbalance and when the body is put under load there is more likelihood of pain and injury.  Energy imbalances can arise through the stresses and strains of coping with everyday existence.  Getting your energy system balanced prior to taking part in a sporting activity can enhance your performance and reduce the incidence of injury.

Physical trauma affects motor pathways in the body.  Once an injury has occurred the energy field will try to protect the area of the injury with greater energy.  After healing has occurred there can still be range of motion issues and pain associated with movement.  Much of this pain will be muscular due to the fact that the energy field has not returned to its pre-injury state.  If the problem is muscular in nature kinesiology can return your function to what it was prior to the injury often in cases when other modalities cannot.